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The Prom Queen

Sex and the City

01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.
07. 08. 09.

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took #8 ♥♥♥ them!
So, if you're bored, I have some requests:

Desparate Housewives icons
Jessica Beil icons
Six Feet Under icons

and I need something good for my Dave Ramsey community, though I don't know what.

btw, I love love love these rounded corners on the icons. beautiful!

Whatever Desparate Housewives pictures you run across, save them and send them to me. Ditto for Six Feet Under. The reason being, since I don't watch the shows, I don't know what would really make good icons. Dig? So save 'em and send 'em and I'll fancy 'em up for you.

I'll keep an eye out for some J. Biel photos, too.

snagged #2, thank you! :)
You're very welcome!
#2!! thank you! its really pretty! =)
Thank you so much. :)
took #8
SJP is just so cool!
#3 thanks :)
yay! saving #6 - will credit!
took 5 and 8... very nice!
Took 2, 5, 6 and 9. They're fantastic!
Came back and took #6. Seen it all over the place, it would just figure it came from here! :)
snagging 6, 7 and 8